Extanza partitions - ALTEA - LUZIO

Proud partner with the company Moderco, which has been considered as one of the leaders in acoustic mobile partitions and associated products manufacturing for 40 years in North America. Extanza was formed over the years from a group of innovative professionals, passionate about architecture, acoustics and the technology surrounding demountable partitions manufacturing.

Our mission is to design, manufacture, and always be at the forefront in the field of demountable aluminum frame partitions. We want to provide savings, aesthetic, and durability to your various projects.




Our demountable partitions offers you design, architectural, and modular product in an industry that is constantly moving.

Whether it is for restructuring, expanding, or office relocation, Extanza offers you a product that will follow you as your needs evolve over time.



Aluminum is a material of choice for building projects because of its durability and low maintenance it requires. Aluminum offers several advantages such as: lightness, resistance, corrosion protection, recyclability, multiple finishes and custom shapes & design.



Removable, demountable and reconfigurable, Extanza partitions are designed to meet your every need. Think about your project as long-term.



It is important to consider you and your employees work environment. Overall environmental satisfaction focuses on three main factors that our products take into account: lighting, confidentiality and acoustics.



The innovation and diversification of our partitions continues to grow. We want to meet your needs and support you in your different projects.