Are you looking for an aesthetic, acoustic and practical product? We will help you meet your various needs.

The high versatility of the Extanza product range allows for a multitude of modulations that will meet all your expectations, from the design to the construction of your demountable partitions. Among other things, you will be able to insert glass, wood and/or laminate panels, swinging and/or sliding doors, internal conduits dedicated to your electrical and electronic system.

Our unique product idea was conceived using a profile identical to the floors, ceilings and vertical walls so that you can evolve your interior design over time by interchanging different modules.

Extanza products allow a multitude of modulations


Sustainable Development


Sustainable Contribution


At Extanza, we are conscious of our environmental impact and the traces we can leave behind.

We are committed to continually improving our product development, supply, packaging and distribution processes to minimize our environmental impact and to meet our customers expectations.